Egypt, Garage Cleaning, Bologna and the Best Day of School Ever

History Resource: Nova: Mystery of Pyramids and Sphynx (53 min.). “Riddles of the Sphynx” by Gary Glassman.

Questions to explore: What were the pyramids made of? Egyptian desert snakes. Mummies. Wonders of the world. Mammoths and dinosaurs. Can you eat elephant?

Words to remember: sphinx, Egypt, pyramids, 2500 BC, Kufu, archaeology, 3000 BC-Dawn of Egyptian Civilization, Pharoah Aha, Egyptology

Jobs to explore: Ancient Egypt Research Associates

History Resource: “Unresolved Secrets of the Pyramids” Illuminux

Science Resource: “Desert Snakes: World’s Deadliest Animals” by National Geographic, “Sidewinder Rattlesnake-Dangerous Serpent in the Desert-Wildlife Documentary Films” by National Geographic

Words to Remember: Sidewinder, African desert dweller, six-eyed spider, camouflage, human anatomy, western barred spitting cobra

Geography: Namibia, South Africa, Pangea, South America

Math concepts: Metric system, 2 and 2.5 meters

Questions to explore: Sahara desert

Practical Arts: Room organization and making the bed.

Unschooling struggles: Not bossing the kids around.

Unschooling amazingness: Happy kids, talking with James on the couch, Freddie and Amy hugging

Groceries: chips, mac and cheese mix, bologna, soda

Interesting subjects: Sphinx cat, What does snake taste like?

Freddie says he’s going to build a treehouse. “Great Sphinx of Egypt: Its True Age Revealed and Tunnels Below”

“Sidewinder: Deadly Desert Snake”–Discovery

“The Sidewinder Snake Slithers at 18 MPH” Smithsonian Channel “Dinosaurs”

“Hammerheads can hear injured fish from miles away” Smithsonian

History Channel- “Great White Shark: Most Terrifying Predator on Planet”

Monster Quest

Winter-hibernation-rattlesnakes-survival hunting-snake handling-primitive cooking

Sharks: ancient monsters, pressure, ancestors, bubble wall, species, seal carcasses, underwater cameras

BBC Dinosaur Documentary of Century

“Grilled Rattlesnake Squirming on Grill”

Bob Hansler “How to Kill, Skin and Cook Rattlesnake”

Upside of unschooling: My kids are excited to be with me rather than avoiding me

Drawback: Sometimes I need space and feel frustrated.

Resource for unschooling parents: Leo Babauta’s zenhabits on frustration.

LeapPad 3 Resources and games have been used today

We also used our GeoCards and played a round using land area, so geography and math using kilometers. Then we played two rounds using population to determine who won each hand.



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