Beef Broccoli, Mummies, Treehouses

That is a yummy recipe. And we are having it for dinner.

I have already moved onto our January 4th!

This evening, the hubs and I are getting reflexology treatments!

Yesterday was a blur of my attempt to diffuse the mounting anxiety that stepping outside the box always brings. I may have even forced a math worksheet. Baby steps.

We learned about mummies, ancient Egypt, Rameses I, archaeology, ancient burial and preservation, ancient Egyptian religion and social structure. My six year old was still talking about it, with amazing evidence of detail comprehension, I might add.

Thoughts turned quickly to treehouses. We learned, through reading reviews and research, that perhaps our best plan is to purchase Treehouse Attachment Bolts (something called TABS) and there is a website with plans and everything we need that looks very helpful. Following our research we knew that we would have to find a way to raise the money because this will be an expensive venture. The boys immediately dispersed to the belly of the house to unearth abandoned coins and add them up in their room, on their LeapPad 3 and paper. I see lots of coin rolling in our future. Today they want me to go by the bank to get their account balances and ask for coin rollers. We also intend to watch Pete’s Dragon at the library and have popcorn. I feel pretty certain they will play in our dusting of snow.

There has also been talk of lemonade stands, selling our toys, selling our chicken eggs. James even found his old teeth that I was saving and thought he could trick the tooth fairy into giving him money twice!

The boys learned a little about attachment parenting and Mayim Bialik.

Fred cleaned and organized his things.

I made pumpkin bread, everybody loved it.

Yesterday, I really struggled, as I have said. I worried I would make my kids spoiled. Fred was grumpy yesterday and I pondered if my indulgence had a role. Did he feel too unrestricted? Is it beneficial for a child to be tightly hemmed in, as society and some educational theories suggest? The last thing I want to do is damage my kids.

Fred also had his piano lesson, and J.W. and Fi played in the sandbox.

James wants to change his middle name to Walker, after Walker Texas Ranger.

I love my job; I get paid in baby smiles.

Today, I am so thankful that my eighteen month old woke me up early. I get to see the kids faces when they see the first snow of this year!


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