Elsa and Spiderman Snow Day

Theater: Elsa and Spiderman videos where adults play out comedic scenarios in the style of an old silent film.

Diet and Lifestyle: We are liking our hot cocoa and toast morning routine.

Math: Master 2-100, Math 2, Saxon, Use 1 ” color tiles to cover each shape. Worksheet. Completed

Music: Freddie is playing the piano because he wants to!

Science: Food ingredients, Periodic Table of Elements, Reading food labels. Arthur, “To Eat or Not to Eat”

Cursive Handwriting practice.

Language Arts: Writing Lists of chores, copied off of a Pinterest site by request.

Taking care of chickens, bringing them water, checking for eggs.

All this done without coercion.

I had no idea when the kids sat down to watch Arthur on PBSkids.org, that we would be delving into science.

That is the hardest thing about this unschooling. Relinquishing control. It is also the best thing. I’m surprised and delighted at the naturalness of learning. I instinctually knew this would happen, but my social conditioning that I received unawares is confounded and amazed.

I did have to curtail the YouTube video watching, after my little girl, who wanted to watch Elsa, unbeknownst to her had accessed a video that scandalised my eight year old, which depicted a man with his pants down, receiving a shot. Walker, age 6, then wanted to watch SpongeBob Halloween. I had no idea that it was a thing now to dub over the audio with profanities. Oh well. It’s too bad that we have all these pitfalls to YouTube because it is a superb learning tool. PBSkids.org is also great, all the kids love it, and no weird content.

Potato soup + Snow day= Perfection




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