Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Mammoth

Geography/Math: Geo Cards Game (James can read Turkey and Vietnam)

Science/Prehistoric-Ancient History: Arthur: When were mammoths around?  Pliocene epoch (~5 mil. years ago)-Holocene (~4500 years ago)  Were people around, too? Yes, over-hunting by humans may have led to their extinction. Why did they go extinct? Various populations went extinct at different times, over-hunting by humans and climate change are probably responsible.

What about saber-toothed cats? Smilodon, Pleistocene epoch (2.5 mya-10,000 years ago). Extinct due to climate change and/or appearance of humans during the Quaternary extinction event.

Practical/Life skills: Peeling potatoes, frying them.

ELA: Peanuts cartoons, compilation of complete 1960s strips, purchased at Costco by the fabulous Gran.

ELA: Copied down recipe for hash.

Fi, 3, is still loving Little Red. James, 6, requested Caillou for his “turn” at YouTube.

Ran errands and ate Little Caesar’s!

Fred practiced piano.

STEM: Built a catapult out of a pitching machine and strung yarn to make “traps.”

Bible reading of the accusations about Jesus leading to his condemnation to death, Peter’s denial.




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