A.F.R.  8/13/08 This is our daily schedule. This general routine has been followed everyday since my last recordings in my paper format log book. We have already completed our hours for the year, but some are not recorded, so I am going to keep a running log here and begin totals from now til June 30, 2017, which is technically the end of school year 2016-17.

Will begin recording for JWR when he is 7, school year beginning 7/1/2018.



Reading: YouTube videos, Peanuts comics

Language Arts: Searching for YouTube videos

Mathematics: Counting Eggs, Spatial Reasoning

Social Studies: Texas Rangers, battleships and armies

Science: SuperCroc, crocodiles, archaeology, paleonotology, evolution

Music: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, Beethoven, practicing (It’s beautiful….)

Farming: Fed chickens, dug holes, cared for dog, gathered eggs.

Religion: The Lord’s Prayer



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