Simply Living

Give away everything you don’t use over and over and could probably live without.

Even expensive stuff.

Even inherited stuff.

Enjoy the thought that maybe it will be sold and used and loved and resold and reused and re-loved and money will be made to give someone food or clothes or shelter.

Wear the same clothes over and over. Buy used clothes when you need more. Buy organic cotton, fair trade things for gifts. If you can’t afford that, buy used. Or go happily without!

Distance yourself from events and people that make you feel as though you must wear new things, expensive things, fancy, uncomfortable things. You are putting on a mask. The longer you linger in these situations, the longer you will cycle through feelings of confusion, despair, inadequacy.

Grow in happiness.

If you wear makeup, stop. If you spend a lot of time fixing your hair, stop.

Don’t buy things when you are bored or anxious.

Become happy, you will naturally want less. 😉  LOOOOVE and bisous



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