Science Center

Today we went to the city with my mom and grandma. We started out early; I drug everyone out of bed. We met at a gas station and mom bought chips for the kids. We traveled down the road a bit and ate at Cracker Barrel. Mom bought toys for the kids: walkie talkies for the boys, a doll hairdressing set, and a stuffed puppy for the baby. At the Science Center, the first thing we did was a gravity exhibit where the kids had to turn a human hamster wheel to send a ball up a huge marble run.

Next we arrived for a “Dino Chat” and talked with a dinosaur expert about fossils, prehistoric eras, evolution, relation of birds to dinosaurs, DNA, genetic code, cloning, archaeology, skeletal structure common to all Animalia, prehistoric animals commonly mistaken for dinosaurs, ie. pteranodon. They had a space where we dug for fossils.

We went to a tornado exhibit and an earthquake one, saw beautiful geodes and fossils preserved in amber.

Then we went to the math exhibit, the main reason for our trip. There were too many interactive games to count, one with a simulated arm to practice working in space, an elaborate music machine that let you hear the difference in quarter beats, sixteenth notes, etc on trumpets, snares, cymbals, synthesizers, all playing together. Video games, snowboarding, a rock wall, too much to even take in at once. Mom bought us a family pass so we are definitely going back.

THEN we went to see the documentary “Mysteries of China” at the OMNIMAX.



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