Gulf Life

Being ejected from my house for unexpected complications during renovations led me to seek refuge at my parents’ house. It wasn’t long before our different lifestyles (namely my having four children) led me to consider yet other arrangements. Like my in-laws.  During this time, we played outside, learned a lot of things out of doors, did chores around the yard, watched history documentaries, worked on our grade-appropriate workbooks (to make mom feel like we’re “doing something”–y’know, BABY steps) and generally tried to fight off anxiety (me, not them, for the most part, they are having a ball). Well, a two day evacuation has led to, hmm, two WEEKS now? We celebrated Valentine’s Day with Granny, went shopping at Five Below and Target (where I bought my VDay prezzie–a set of linen-cotton blend sheets–I’ve wanted to try some for so long and they were on SALE! yay!). I got hubs a Rocky t-shirt, and an incense holder and some incense. I got the kids cool storage ottomans and heart-shaped plates.

The next day was Amy’s birthday.  4!!! Oh, what a spicy little sugar she is! We collected all kinds of half-off goodies to make her a fun and proper celebration and she exuded gratitude for every little gift and nuance of her day.  Such a delight. Daddy even got to come.  Papa was very tired after and it was seen that we would probably need to uproot and find alternate arrangements once again. We sat and considered options and I had decided I would stay a day or so more and then depart, come what may, for my home. As I relaxed on my Granny’s basement couch, she came to me and suggested we go to the GULF OF MEXICO for a week!!! Talk about enthralling. We booked our trip and took off the next day.

So here we are, playing in the waves and sand in 70 degree weather. What an amazing granny.

Sadly yesterday, while pulling into WalMart, she hit a stop sign concrete post thing very hard and damaged her vehicle so badly it can’t be driven. So that slightly complicates things, but I think we will manage anyhow.

My hide-a-bed calls me, and my shivering body needs to snuggle in the covers next to little Wayno!


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