Medical history: AFR 2008

When conceived, mother was in a very stressful work situation, and many toxic relationships.

Mother had very little support throughout pregnancy and fought intense feelings of abandonment, depression, and frustration throughout infancy.  Nursed a lot, very fussy. Mother at odds with other caregivers regarding safety and sugar intake. Mother fed organic food almost exclusively. Natural, non toxic HBA products. Very stressed mother and father.

Blood type O

Mother nursed while malnourished and depressed.

Once mother caved to outside influences, dental caries became a problem, has had multiple cavities, fillings, and two teeth removed.

Nervous ticks, stuttering. Halitosis, persistent cough and throat clearing.

Suicidal and homicidal, invasive, disturbing thoughts.

Went to school in first grade, wet pants twice.

Burgeoning sexuality.

Complains of heart hurting and other aches, pains, sprains.



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