Unschooling and the juxtaposition of joy and anxiety

The title just about explains it all. Unschooling is complete joy of living. In the moment, making memories. All the words like sublime and miraculous. It’s like unbelievable that all that joy was just right there waiting to be experienced. And then, the shadow of anxiety starts to roll in. Maybe a spouse questions why they don’t know their multiplication tables in second grade. Maybe the grandparents are always quizzing your child and sneering their nose at you. And a major life hiccup like a renovation that takes a month instead of a week happens and you are suddenly forced into accepting favors from your detractors. 🙂 heehee. And then everyone’s mood starts to crumble, your kids start showing all kinds of character deficiencies, you yourself start displaying your deficiencies and BAM trust turns to doubt. It’s not hard to see why. So the sad part is it fairly easy to knock someone off of their high. But it isn’t as easy to regain trust once you’ve been beaten down and almost disassembled. So…  Our homeschooling routine is in the process of “Back to Good” and we’re almost there.  We’re together. And that’s the best part.


So, our activities for today, el 14 de marzo:

Read “Haym Salomon and the Power of Generosity” from My Fun with Learning, Real Life Heroes: America’s Story

(Yesterday we read “Joan of Arc and the Power of Fearlessness”)

Piano practice (also yesterday)

Did multiplication facts with Magic Numbers 1-6

Watched all the episodes of Liberty’s Kids on YouTube again. A show about the American Revolution. Probably about 7 episodes, so it takes about 2.5 hrs.

Calendar work, preparing for events.

P.E., playing in the snow, running, playing tag.

Art: Drawing pictures of battleships

Writing, Calendar Events, writing about battleships and paintball.


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