While I’ve Been Gone

It’s been extremely challenging. ┬áIn the stress and confusion of being out of our house for a month while remodeling and being under the strong influence of others, I temporarily lost my way.

But after reading the words “free choice” over and over in science-based parenting articles, I’m back. And as much as I have wanted to fight it, my children want to explore organized religion and Christian schooling. So badly that the oldest literally has invasive anxious thoughts about killing me.

So can you unschool your children when they want to go to school? We’ll see! Of course, I mean, it’s just been a while to convince me.

8 is working on a piano composition to the theme song of The Loud House, a Nickelodeon show.

And the plan is for us to go to church tonight.

He cared for the pets and tried to start a fire. (In the cental boiler–it’s ok)

Caring for baby chicks, eggs, etc.

Also piano lesson today.

(5 hrs)